The National Organization of Olive Oil Tasters, established by the Union of Italian Chambers of Commerce, does not only deal with training but, always from an impartial position and inspired by scientific rigor, it represents a place of exchange, experiences, debates and defense of the quality of olive oils.


O.N.A.O.O. IS..

The First School in the World for the dissemination of olive oil tasting, in compliance with the principles and programmes of its founding fathers.

Over 15,000 people have participated in organized activities.

The associates, heart and engine of ONAOO, spread all over the world, ensure a constant exchange of creative energies, which have allowed a continuous growth over the years. The frequent courses are interspersed with moments of cultural exchange, such as trips to Spain, Greece, Morocco, Tunisia, Portugal and California.

Since its foundation in 1983, ONAOO has always chosen to provide an informed training programme, basing it on the most updated scientific knowledge. This principle has been applied to all training fields that the ONAOO Tasting School offers to its learners.

Each teaching area has always been treated in frontal lessons with experts in the field. ONAOO considers its Trainers as experts, professionals chosen among those who have dedicated and still devote much of their work to the subjects they teach at ONAOO’s School.

It is, therefore, a "solid knowledge" transmitted by those who have matured and developed it every day "in the field" and not, instead, of uncertain notions gained through vague readings or simple opinions exchanged.

After 35 years, it is now known and, often clumsily imitated, all over the world and has a network of contacts consisting of former course participants or people who, in general, appreciate its seriousness and intellectual honesty in promoting quality olive oil.

This allows ONAOO to work with oils from all over the world, with evident advantages connected to the possibility to offer a wider range of "examples" to the trainers of its courses.



The National Organization of Olive Oil Tasters, established by the Union of Italian Chambers of Commerce, was founded in Imperia in 1983 on the impulse of the local Chamber of Commerce and a group of historical tasters with the commitment to defend, enhance and protect the art of olive oil tasting, important technical and cultural heritage.

O.N.A.O.O. does not only deal with training but, always from an impartial position and inspired by scientific rigor, it represents a place of exchange, experiences, debates and defense of the quality of olive oils. It is among our solid "cultural walls" that we keep alive a theoretical and practical knowledge, tangibly usable by everyone.



The oldest olive oil tasting school in the world, over the years the ONAOO has developed a training didactics that addresses every stage of the production chain of olive oils, developing the different topics with a view of complete openness towards Mediterranean and extra-Mediterranean productive areas.

The associates, heart and engine of ONAOO, spread all over the world, ensure a constant exchange of creative energies, which have allowed a continuous growth over the years.

The numerous courses, developed in cooperation with the scientific and university world, are interspersed with moments of cultural exchange, such as annual trips to Spain, Greece, Morocco and Portugal.


Lucio Carli


He is married and he has a son (Alessandro) and a daughter (Francesca). Graduated in Food Preparation / Food Chemistry and Technology. In 1995, he obtained the eligibility for the activity of Panel Leader. President of the O.N.A.O.O. since 1997. Member of the Presidential Committee of Federolio.

Former Vice-President of SISSG (Italian Society for the Study of Fatty Substances), of which today he is Adviser. He is Adviser in Charge of Cosmetica Italia and Adviser of Netcomm (Italian E-Commerce Consortium). Since 1991, he has been active in several sectors (from quality assurance to the development of new products and systems) in the family company - Fratelli Carli Spa - of which he is with mandate of the HACCP system.

Since 1996, he has increased an e-commerce activity and other marketing activities. In 1997, he created "Mediterranea" the Cosmetics Division of Fratelli Carli, a complete range of cosmetics based on olive oil. The growth of this project has strengthened the company's activities. Today, it is increasingly focused on the development of innovative products and projects - in Italy and abroad – for the company’s growth.


Marcello Scoccia

Head of the School

Since 1986 he has been responsible for blending and sensory analysis at leading global companies in the olive oil sector. Professional taster, Technical Deputy President and Panel Leader of the “CCIAA Imperia – ONAOO” Panel.

Lecturer in professional technical courses and university masters on sensory analysis. Speaker at international conferences on olive oil and sensory analysis.

Author of publications, articles and books on oil and tasting. Expert in international olive oil markets.


Carlotta Pasetto


ONAOO taster, lecturer holding technical and professional courses in Italy and abroad. Trainer in informative courses about olive oil, sensory analysis and tasting lab with children. Member of the recognized olive oil tasting commitee ONAOO-CCIAA Imperia. She got the Panel Leader qualification

Speaker at international conferences about olive oil and sensory analysis. Author of articles on olive oil and tasting. Member of the jury of international olive oil contests.

Freelance consultant on selection, quality control and blending for national and international olive oil companies.


Mauro Amelio

Scientific Consultant

Graduated in Chemistry. For many years, he has been involved in the chemical-physical and organoleptic control of olive oils and in the production process for a leading Italian oil company.

Since 1993, he has collaborated with ONAOO as trainer, taster and scientific consultant. He obtained the certification to carry out the activity of Panel Leader, issued by the International Olive Council (IOC).

He is co-author of various publications on methods of chemical analysis of olive oils.

Barbara Ricca

Administrative Manager

Married and mother of Francesco and Fabio. She attended a high school with a focus on accounting

in 1989 she obtained the professional qualification of Accountant. In 1985, she started working for ONAOO with the role of Head Secretary, also dealing with the organization of events with the Chamber of Commerce of Imperia.

Since 2004, she has been involved in volunteering activities as a founding member of "HANDARPERMARE ONLUS".


Sara Bruzzone


In 2011, she graduated in Humanitarian Sciences. The passion for travel has taken her around Australia, Spain, Holland and United Kingdom where she moved from 2011 to 2014.

In London, she worked in one of the most famous Italian restaurant chains. From that experience, she began to be more curious and interested in the world of food. She learned how much English people love Italian cuisine and how important the Mediterranean diet is to Italians.

That is why she has always tried to advise customers on the best dish paired with a good wine. In 2014, she started working in O.N.A.O.O., as a Secretary. Since she began her journey with ONAOO she understood how important and fundamental oil is.


Silvana Melville


Born in Naples (Italy) on 26/2/1952

After graduating as interpreter, I moved to South of France on 1976 where I have been living since.

Married to a scotsman, I am a multi-skilled simultaneous interpreter with 35 years experience, translating between English, French and Italian in different areas: Business & finance, commercial, medical, political and cultural.

In addition to being passionate about my job, I enjoy dedicating my free time to my 2 daughters, 2 granddaughters and to the education of young people.

Delighted and honoured to be part of the O.N.A.O.O., school of excellence for olive oil educational programs.

Training Headquarters

Training Headquarters

ONAOO’s headquarters are located at the Union of Italian Chambers of Commerce of Imperia.

In 2009, the Organization transferred its administrative and technical representatives to the heart of the city, as a result of the transfer of the Chamber of Commerce to the ancient Palazzo Sasso.

The building, headquarters of the oil mill "Sasso", built in Oneglia in 1925, based on a project by architect Alfonso Scholl, marked an important moment in the evolution of the oil industry, but was also part of a broader historical picture, which includes the role of the Novaro Family in Imperia’s cultural and economic life and the involvement of the local business sector in the unification of Porto Maurizio and Oneglia in the new city of Imperia, founded in 1923.

In 1981, when Gianfranco "Gianni" Cozzi assumed the guide of the Chamber of Commerce of Imperia, the time was ripe for a broad reconversion design and, therefore, in 1986, the negotiations for the acquisition of the ancient Palazzo Sasso began, ending in 1994, when the task of designing the new headquarters of the Chamber of Commerce was assigned to architect Paola Muratorio.

The Complex was built on the historical core of the Sasso factory, restored and brought back to the operational functions of a modern business center, using new factory buildings to include a large auditorium/conference room with four hundred seats, where it is possible to host high-level initiatives.

How to Join

How to Join

Natural persons can join O.N.A.O.O. as Ordinary Members, while Chambers of Commerce, Regional Unions of Chamber of Commerce and all other Entities can adhere as Supporting Members.

All those wishing to join O.N.A.O.O. must accept and comply with ONAOO’s Articles of Association, committing to pay the membership fee to the extent and with the procedures determined by the Board.

The membership fee is € 100 and it can be paid via one of the following payment methods:

Cash or bank check at the headquarters of O.N.A.O.O.’s Secretariat, Via T. Schiva 29, Imperia;

Bank transfer to the following coordinates:

BANCA PASSADORE & C., Via Bonfante 18, 18100 Imperia
IBAN: IT 43 S 03332 10500 000000713250