International Register of ONAOO Professional Tasters

Maria Antonietta Palumbo



Born in Salento.

She lives in Busto Arsizio, Rome and Sanremo.

Managerial career in the Public Administration for 28 years, in a Municipality and in a Ministry. She works as freelance, journalist, PR, communicator, writer, event organization.

She wrote in team and individually books and edited the publication of several texts and volumes.

Professional oil taster.

Lindt chocolate panel taster.

She works in the olive industry since 6 years, as a producer, taster, communicator, event organization.

Olive Oil Culture

Olive Oil Culture

In recent times, organizations that deal with olive oil tasting training have multiplied. It follows that more and more people graduate as tasters.

On one hand, ONAOO is pleased to have been the initiator of a phenomenon that interests because it creates an "olive culture" that is perceived as a necessity for market and consumers.

The Register

The Register

Considering our experience, we can say that follow the whole ONAOO path is a distinctive hallmark as well as be enrolled in the INTERNATIONAL REGISTER OF ONAOO PROFESSIONAL TASTERS

This entry opens the door to all the opportunity that the oil world offers to the professional taster and is a real value, not only added, but fundamental, for the definition of an effective and convincing operating profile.