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Born in a country where butter is king and mayonnaise is queen, I was pleasantly surprised by the magnificent taste and pleasantness of extra virgin olive oil during my Fil Bucchino is a Toronto based olive oil expert and Lawyer.

He is the host of the award winning documentary “Obsessed with Olive Oil”, the founder and olive oil producer at Abandoned Grove, and an olive oil consultant.

Fil is an ONAOO professional taster and is enlisted in the Italian National Directory of Technicians and Experts in Virgin and Extra Virgin Olive Oils at the C.C.I.A.A. of Florence, Italy.

Fil works closely with Toronto’s top culinary personalities and has lent his expertise to the Spanish and Italian Chambers of Commerce, The Globe and Mail, Slow Food and guided many educational tasting sessions.

He is a steady fixture in international olive oil competitions and a frequent contributor to the Brazilian Olive Oil Guide. For almost 20 years, Fil has been a passionate communicator and an avid promoter of extra virgin olive oil with a focus on communication, education, the art of production, sustainability and the health benefits of extra virgin olive oil. Fil also received a BSc in BioMedical Sciences and later recorded and toured as a professional musician for almost a decade.holidays in south east Crete in the 80s.

At the time, I was working in the product engineering sector in a multinational company, but I was ready for a change. I started importing this delicious product and I set myself the challenge of letting the people who love butter in my country taste this gift of nature. As a pilot,

I knew it was possible to fly without an engine, but not without knowledge and skills. I quickly realized that additional support was needed to achieve my goals.

So I knocked on ONAOO’s door. Thanks to the dedication of the teachers, I embarked on a fascinating 3-year learning path. I enjoyed developing my skills and knowledge and thanks to this support I have seen my business grow.

Through retail, restaurant, direct sales and the web shop, I distribute two superb brands of extra-virgin olive oil, one Greek and one Spanish. Olijfwinkel.be is my starting point, alongside my company Techtel.be

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In recent times, organizations that deal with olive oil tasting training have multiplied. It follows that more and more people graduate as tasters.

On one hand, ONAOO is pleased to have been the initiator of a phenomenon that interests because it creates an “olive culture” that is perceived as a necessity for market and consumers.

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Considering our experience, we can say that follow the whole ONAOO path is a distinctive hallmark as well as be enrolled in the INTERNATIONAL REGISTER OF ONAOO PROFESSIONAL TASTERS

This entry opens the door to all the opportunity that the oil world offers to the professional taster and is a real value, not only added, but fundamental, for the definition of an effective and convincing operating profile.